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     Complete Body and Mind Therapy. 
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MAC Complementary Health Clinic offers a wide range of Holistic therapies. 

Our Clinic based in Kilbeggan, County Westmeath, N91 Y684.

At least 3 of the following therapies will be applied during your CBMT treatment. All the therapies that are relevant will be discussed with you prior to the therapy application.

Acupuncture Acupressure Hypnotherapy Hypno-analysis  Skeletal Alignment Druid Massage  Chakra Balance Reiki Bio Energy Am Nu Fu Indian Head Massage  Cosmetic Facial Massage Vibrational Therapy Meridian Stretching 

 Look at our Clinic Covid-19 Regulations

It’s business ALMOST as usual in our Clinic. We Are RE-OPENING on Monday April 5th. For your Protection certain changes have been made to ensure a safe Sanitized and personal environment for you to receive your treatment. Keep all the National Standard Covid 19 Safety regulations and I outline below guidelines that will be adhered to when you attend our Clinic.

1. As usual our clinic works on an appointment only basis.

2. FACE Coverings are mandatory.

3. Obviously if you have any Covid-19 Symptoms and you have already secured an appointment in our clinic PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT. Do Not attend the clinic if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.

4. Clients may have their temperature checked prior to each treatment.

5.  Only come into our clinic at your correct appointment time NOT 5 or 10 Minutes prior to it.

6. Every appointment time is on the hour. Each client will leave the clinic within  50 minutes. That allows us time to disinfect all relevant surfaces. It also allows me time to write up your case notes, disinfect myself and dispose of and replace any relevant PPE that I have been wearing.

7. Our leather treatment plinth will no longer be covered with towels or blankets. It will be covered with a plastic sheet that we disinfect after each client and a disposable roll of paper is placed over this sheet.

8. As our treatments are ONE on ONE, only myself and the client will be on the premises at any given time, during their treatment.

9. EXCEPTION to the above rule is when someone has a physical or mental disability or are classified as a Child (under 16) and they need another person there with them during the treatment. In this instance every precaution will be taken to keep maximum distance between each person.

10. Hand sanitizer is available to all clients before and after treatments.

11. Hand towels have been removed and the Toilet will now use disposable paper towels

Best wishes to everyone. Keep up the good work. Ye are fighting the Virus well. Ye are winning, and very soon, We will all be winners”.

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What is Complete Body Mind Therapy (CBMT)

Complete Body Mind Therapy combines the strengths of talk therapy with bodywork, such as:

Massage, Meridian stretching, Postural alignment (Druid Massage) or movement education and exercise. 

Those therapies will be coupled with Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

From the energetic side of healing 

Acupuncture, Acupressure,Bio Energy, Reiki and Cellular healing techniques are used.

As each person comes into our clinic for a treatment our assessment starts on the physical level. We look at the alignment of the physical body. This alignment is essential due to the fact that the meridian system will be out of balance as a result of physical tense muscles and joint misalignment. 

Our therapy starts on this physical level to Structurally re-align the body so that the Meridian system can flow in a more balanced way.

From the energy point of view we actually measure the energy system by checking each of the meridian source points. The are based on the hands and feet. The information from the palpation will guide us to carry out acupressure or acupuncture on certain points that are out of balance. This acupressure can also be carried out at home and will allow the meridian system to re-balance more rapidly.

An Auric energy scan will also show us where the energy is locked in the body, at this point in time we can insert needles or carry out Acupressure/massage or Bio Energy to start the energy moving in harmony. 

From the emotional and mental aspect of healing. Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques are used. The techniques that will be used is always discussed with the client prior to administering a therapy technique.

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